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Private Tour Guide in Turkey – Istanbul, Cappadocia, Ephesus Tours

Turkey has various attractions for visitors. Almost each city has its own touristic sights due to the rich culture of Anatolian Peninsula. (Also known as Asia Minor)

However, Istanbul, Ephesus and Cappadocia stands out with their popularities. These three main attractions are considered as the must-see places of Turkey. Therefore the most visited museums of Turkey located in these beautiful places.

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Private Guided Tours in Turkey

Istanbul Private Tour Guide Turkey
Private Guided Tours in Istanbul Turkey
  • Things To Do in Istanbul

Istanbul is an amazing city with numerous historic sights and natural beauties. Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, Topkapi Palace and Basilica Cistern are considered as top historical sites in Istanbul.

Besides Dolmabahce Palace, Bosphorus Cruise Tour, Galata Tower, Istiklal Avenue & Taksim Square, Turkish Bath are other recommended places for your things to do list.

If you have 3 or more days in Istanbul, you may visit the Suleymaniye Mosque, Chora Church, Camlica Hill, Kadikoy Fish Market, walk from Ortakoy to Bebek,  have a breakfast near Rumeli Fortress, climb to Pierre Loti Hill with a cable car, take ferry ride to Prince Islands.

If you are looking for more information on things to do in Istanbul, you can take a look at the Istanbul Travel Blog adress. This website can provide you a wider Istanbul vision.

  • Private Guided Tours in Istanbul Turkey

In order to prepare a proper programme for your Istanbul visit, professionals can help you better. Therefore, I strongly recommend you to contact with a local guide to arrange your Private Istanbul Tour.

Hiring a private guide (at least one day) is recommended to get to know with the local culture, taste the delicious local food and appreciate the ancient history of Istanbul.

Custom Tours of Turkey – Tailored Private Tours

Istanbul Custom Tours by Local Tour Guides
English Speaking Tour Guide in Istanbul

Private Tour Guide in Turkey

Beware non-official guidance is illegal in Turkey. Your local tour guide must be carrying a badge (official tour guide license) on him/her throughout the tour.

Official tour guides are graduated from University in order to get their license. They are specialized on this field. Therefore guiding is a full time job that is carried out by professionals.

Private Istanbul Tours By Local Guides

Private Guided Tours of Istanbul
Istanbul Guided Tours

Private Walking Tours By Serhat

Serhat Engül is a local tour guide in istanbul. He has been doing this job for 14 years. He is knowledgeable historian and trustworthy tour guide. As featured in The Culture TripDave’s Travel CornerTrip Advisor and Istanbul Clues. (Please kindly check about page for references)

You may contact him through the website’s contact page in order to hire a private tour guide for your custom Istanbul tour. So that you create your own itinerary according to your expectations.

Recommended Tour Guide in Turkey

The Best Private Tour Guide in Istanbul Turkey
Private Tour Guide in Istanbul Turkey

Cappadocia & Ephesus – Turkey Private Tours

Istanbul, Cappadocia and Ephesus are considered as the Golden-Triangle of Turkey. Additionally Pamukkale could be a good alternative place to see besides these top 3 places.

  • Cappadocia Region

Cappadocia is famous for it’s marvelous landscapes. Must-see places are the valleys, hills, monasteries, underground cities and hot air balloon tours. Cappadocia has a diverse history and natural beauties to discover. Considered as the most attractive hiking trail in Turkey. You may find more information on Cappadocia Travel Blog website.

Private Tour Guide in Cappadocia

Cappadocia Private Tour Guide Turkey
Cappadocia Balloon Tours
  • Ephesus Ancient City

Ephesus Ancient City is one of the best example of Greco-Roman heritage in the World. Considered as one of the best-preserved ancient site in Mediterranean region. Its famous for Library of Celsus and Temple of Artemis. You may find more information on Ephesus Travel Blog website.

Private Tour Guide in Ephesus

Ephesus Private Tour Guide Turkey
Ephesus Ancient City – Celsus Library
  • Pamukkale (Hierapolis)

If you have one week in Turkey, you may see the Istanbul, Ephesus, Cappadocia and perhaps even Pamukkale (Hierapolis). Feel free to ask questions about your trip planning.

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Top Places to See in Turkey
Ancient Theatre in Pamukkale

Private Guided Tours in Istanbul

If you’d like to gain a deeper knowledge of Istanbul and it’s history, Serhat Engül is a personal tour guide in Istanbul who offers comprehensive tours through the city. Most popular private Istanbul tours are listed below.

  • Half Day Old City Tour

Consider Private Half Day Istanbul Tour which is a family friendly sightseeing tour in Istanbul. It’s also perfect choice for those who have a limited time in Istanbul.

English Speaking Tour Guide in Istanbul
Half Day Old City Tours
  • Byzantine History Tour

Byzantine history is full of mystery, wonder and beautiful architecture, and it can still be found in many historic locations within Istanbul. You may consider joining The Istanbul Byzantine Tour to discover the ancient Constantinople and its hidden gems.

Byzantine Churches in Istanbul
  • Fener Balat Neighborhoods

You can also join Fener Balat Walking Tour to enjoy history, architecture and food. Greek and Jewish communities of Istanbul lived in Fener and Balat neighborhoods in the Ottoman era.

Nowadays there are art galleries, antique shops, cafés and restaurants in the oldish streets of Fener-Balat. You would definitely enjoy the off the beaten path Istanbul while walking through the streets of Fener and Balat.

Fener Balat Neighborhoods
Fener Balat Walking Tours
  • Istanbul Food Tour

Istanbul Culinary Walks becoming more popular everyday. You may consider enjoying both the history and food in a guided tour. You may find more information about Istanbul Food Walks, on Istanbul Street Food Tour blog page.

English Speaking Tour Guide in Istanbul

Istanbul Street Food Tour
Istanbul’s Cafés and Restaurants

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Private Guided Tours of Turkey
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Serhat collaborates with a licensed travel agency and helps you creating your custom travel itinerary in Turkey. Please feel free to ask any question about your Istanbul, Ephesus and Cappadocia trips.

Your can also browse our blog page for more information about Turkey.

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