City Of Rome Travel Photography 2018

Photos Of Rome, Italy

Rome is the imperial city and capital of Italy. The city has a magnificent history with diverse culture. Strolling through the old and attractive streets of Rome is a great pleasure for a person who loves the antique history. In this article, I will try to provide some nice photos and brief information of Rome.

St Peter’s Cathedral In Rome

Located in the Vatikan city, the permanent home of Pope. Pope’s influnced the world’s history and empire from this area. The size of the Church is enormous. Unbelievable place to discover and it takes nearly whole day if you are interested in the history

St. Pietro’s Cathedral In Rome @ Serhat Engül

Roman Forum

For a person who love visiting antique cities all over the world. I loved this place. I enjoyed it too much except for the sun of August. I think I picked the wrong time to visit Rome since it was too hot. The hot weather of Rome caused trouble only for the Forum though. Not the rest of the city.

Roman Forum of Rome @ Serhat Engül

Colloseum The Arena

Colloseum is a place that everybody knows. It’s the symbol of the city like Paris’ Eiffel Tower or Pisa Tower of Italy.

Colloseum Arena for wild figths @ Serhat Engül

Arch Of Constantine The Great

Constantine the great means much for Rome and Istanbul. Since the Istanbul is founded by him in the name of himself: Constantinople. He left a big mark to Rome too. He was the first Christian Roman Emperor after 325 Nicaea Council.

Arch Of Constantine The Great In Rome @ Serhat Engül

Trevi Fountain Of Rome

Trevi fountain is like downtown and center of the city. Everybody seemed to me like hanging around there at least a few hours in the daytime. Especially when tourists get tired of walking all they and being overwhelmed by the Rome’s attractions. They come here.

Trevi Fountain Of Rome

Phanteon The Temple Of Antique Gods

I admire these building of antique ages. Phanteon is a great place to visit despite the fact that it’s not a pagan temple anymore. It’s converted in a church. Raphael also buried in here. I am stunned by the architecture of Phanteon since I am very interested in the ancient architectural features. My hometown, Istanbul, possesses a wide Roman cultural heritage so that’s why it’s familiar to me. I see the Phanteon and Hagia Sophia as wonder of the ancient ages. Hagia Sophia of Istanbul still mesmerizes the city folk after 1500 years just like the Phanteon.

Phanteon Of Rome @ Serhat Engül

Navona Square’s Amazin Statues

I watched the movie “Angels and Demons” the Tom Hanks or Robert Langdon was just running around Rome’s best tourist attractions to save the cardinals. Pretty Navona Square was in one of the critical moments of the film. I enjoyed it too much. It remind me of great moments by the Navona Square and its art pieces.

Navona Square, Rome Italy

Istanbul’s Shared History With Rome

Rome and my hometown Istanbul, have many things in common as they both had been the capitals of Roman Empire together for some time. Istanbul possess a considerable Roman history too. So if you ever visit Istanbul try to book me as your guide. If you are interested in history, you would be so pleased to hear the stories of Rome and Constantinople. To grab a better knowledge about the Greco-Roman history of Istanbul, I recommend you to read a very smooth articles through istanbul clues website. This blog focuses on Roman-Byzantine History.

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By Serhat Engul

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