Ortaköy Trendy Village At Bosphorus

Ortaköy Trendy Village At Bosphorus

Ortaköy is a trendy place located along the Bosphorus shore. It has a cozy atmosphere and it is well-known for the nice cafeteries and restaurant that lines along the waterfront. Locals also like Ortaköy for its nice seaside view and atmosphere, ideal for coming to stroll around and having a breakfast as do local people do oftenly.

Ortaköy is places on the European shore of the Bosphorus. It has a narrow bay, but it offers a breath-taking view of the Bosphorus Bridge.

View of Bosphorus Shores

Historical Houses called “Yalı” along the Bosphorus Shores

Naturally, this attractive attracting location didn’t go unnoticed. In the nineteenth century, Turkish aristocrats selected Ortaköy’s ideal location to build their summer homes and kiosks. Present day it is still a popular residential district.

Yalı means waterfront house in Turkish. So once upon a time, around hundred years ago, Ottoman elites were racing with each other to build their summer house on the Bosphorus. Because it was so trendy at that time, to live along the Bosphorus just like Sultan Abdülmecid. Abdülmecid is the one that left Topkapı Palace for the Bosphorus. He built Dolmabahçe Palace on the Bosphorus shores and started to live there from 1856 and onwards.

Esma Sultan Yalısı Wedding

Esma Sultan Yalısı

Unfortunately, not too many of these historical residences with their typical architecture withstood the test of time. Esma Sultan Yalısı which once attractive and precious house, burned down by a fire and now almost nothing left from it. However creative Turkish designers found a way to take the most from ruined building. They installed some steel covers and huge glassed around the waterfront house (Yalı) and it’s used for high-class people’s wedding parties.

Ortaköy Mosque Istanbul

When and Why Visit Ortaköy

Local people love Ortaköy. Not because of the sightseeing spots. It’s for walking around with you family, to have breakfast, to drink tea, chat with your friends, feeding the pigeons and take photos

People go to Ortaköy to smell the great atmosphere. Typically they’ll enjoy an elaborated waterfront lunch, a bit of shopping too. Ortaköy is also very near to some great bars of Kuruçeşme, Reina and Sortie, first class night clubs with the amazing view of the Bosphorus provided.

The House Hotel And Restaurant At Ortaköy

My Favorite Places At Ortaköy

The House Cafe — It’s waterfront hotel and restaurant. Nostalgic ferries passes just by your side. Amazing view. Make sure you experience this by having a lunch here.

Kumpir Fast Food — It’s a delicious snack to have. Make sure you try it!

Çırağan Palace Kempinsky Hotel — It’s actually a Ottoman palace like Dolmabahçe or Topkapı Palaces. It’s renovated and now used by Kempinsky company as a hotel and ball room. Such a nice place! Super rich people of Asia come here to arrange their weddings. Especially from India.

Great walk around the Bosphorus shores from Ortaköy to Bebek.

Walking To Bebek Trendy village – It’s a great walk by the Bosphorus Shore. You walk past the beautiful Kuruçeşme Park, some nice historical houses and beautiful wide walking & running area right by the seaside. People who lives in expensive Bebek village of Bosphorus goes out everyday to take a walk around this route. From Ortaköy to Bebek.

And finally an advice for a great activity to do in Istanbul Bosphorus Cruise Tours. People usually come to Istanbul for two days or so… Sometimes they do not have time to finish the attractions in the old city and new town so they can not come up to Bosphorus villages because of timing issues.

To see the Ortaköy from the Bosphorus Ferry also better than nothing. Ortaköy gives great scenes for your photography interests.

Ortaköy Mosque view from the Bosphorus Ferry Ride

Hope you have a great time in Istanbul and hopefully you will have time to visit Ortaköy.  Bosphorus tours, if it fits your budget, need to be attended by private tour guide, when you consider about a lot of historical building and houses, you may want to know about their stories and gossips. An experienced guide can give you good information about it!  Guides are not just for walking tours in Istanbul. I kindly advise you to consider that fact.

By Serhat Engul

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