Cities Worth Getting A Tour Guide in Europe

Tour Guide Advice For Popular Cities

I will try to give you some useful advice for hiring a private tour guide in Europe’s most popular cities.

I would count the Rome, London, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, Vienna and Istanbul as the most popular cities of Europe in the first place. According to Trip Advisor archives these seven cities are most visited cities in Europe

Unfortunately the Paris and Istanbul hit by some terrorist attacks and the volume of touristic activities decreased in 2016. Especially the Istanbul suffered from the tourism crisis. Yet the Istanbul city was the most visited city of 2014 and second most popular city of 2015 in Trip Advisor customer surveys. It will probably recover in 2017.

Beautiful city of Rome. © Serhat Engül

Capital Of Antiquity Rome

Rome has ineradicable antique heritage since it had been the capital of Roman Empire. To see the famous sites of Rome like Forum, Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, Trevi Fountain and other historical places, a tour guide is definitely recommended.

Europe’s Charismatic City London

London is the Capital of England. Moreover it’s the capital of music industry, and perhaps art. To see the historical places of London and absorbe the deepness of the culture, a private tour guide is definitely needed.

Capital Of Romance Paris. © Serhat Engül

Capital Of Romanticism Paris

Paris has many faces. It’s the most romantic city of the world as well as it’s the capital of museums. To see the Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, Opéra de Paris a tour guide is usually required. Especially the Notre-Dame Cathedral is worth to see with a guide to listen mysterious stories of the old building.

City Of Amsterdam © Serhat Engül

Capital Of Fun And Freedom Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the city of youth. The youngsters love Amsterdam because of freedom. The city is really full of fun, entertainment and activities. It’s nice to get around in Amsterdam in daytime, visiting the museums and sightseeing places, and in the evening the red-light and the squares of the city is hot!

Capital Of Culture Vienna

Hometown of Classical music, operas and coffee, Vienna is adorned with beautiful cafes all around. A city to admire and a city to enjoy the cultural heritage of Europe. A private guide can help you understand this diverse culture.

Spanish Fever Barcelona

It’s not easy to tell the beauty of Barcelona city with simple words. Barri Gotic Quarter, Plaça de Catalunya, Plaça Real, La Barceloneta, La Rambla Street and museums. Everything is special and so nice in Barcelona. Such a cozy and warm city.

Majestic Hagia Sophia Of Istanbul City © Serhat Engül

Mediterranean Beauty Istanbul

Istanbul is not an ordinary touristic city. Because it’s like a bridge between the Asia And Europe. Imagine about being in two continents in a single day without flying on the plane. You may stay in a hotel in the European side of Istanbul and you might just take a ferry ride to reach out to the Asia, the other continent. You can step on to the Asia after 20 minutes boat journey on the Bosphorus.

Istanbul is full of history and sightseeing. You may visit famous Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar and Basilica Cistern. The Majestic Hagia Sophia Museum of course the gem of Istanbul city. History Of Hagia Sophia Museum is simply so interesting. Since the Hagia Sophia building is almost 1500 years old.

Istanbul Tour Guide Recommendation

A Private Istanbul Tour may help you discover the history of these interesting and beautiful sites. You can discover both Islamic and Christian background of Istanbul city. The Istanbul had been a capital to Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire as Christian city and Ottoman Empire as a Muslim city. So it creates the unique hybrid culture of Istanbul. You may also consider purchasing an istanbul museum pass to get into the museums easily. Istanbul museum pass tourist card gives you advantage for fast track.

Serhat Engul

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