Istanbul Tour Cost, Review, Recommendation

Istanbul Private Tour Guide Cost, Review, Recommendation

Istanbul is a city with diverse culture and inheritance from the imperial periods. The city had been the capital of Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire and Ottoman Empire. Each and every one of these civilizations added a great value to the character of Istanbul City.

Therefore an experienced historian and tour guide can help you understand the layers of Istanbul’s history properly. Make sure that your tour guide has a license, because non-licensed guiding is illegal in Turkey.

Discovering Istanbul With A Tour Guide
Tour Guide In Istanbul

A Short History Of Istanbul

Istanbul’s complete history might have been be a fairly thick book, if you dig for detailed information. A knowledgeable tour guide, should be able to tell you the significant features of its history without boring you with details.

Thus, by strolling through the monuments that are located in the Istanbul Historical Peninsula, you could have a clear idea about Istanbul. A history of 2650 years to absorbe in one single day! Looks impossible without a tour guide.

Istanbul Guided Walking Tours
Discovering Istanbul with a guide.


Istanbul carried three different names in the history. It was initially named as Byzantium by its founder Byzas of Megara, Greece. King Byzas and his people, settled to the hills of Istanbul Historic Peninsula and lived over the Acropolis.


Emperor of Roman Empire, Constantine the Great, moved the capital of empire from Rome to Istanbul in 330 A.D. He built a splendid Roman city over the foundations of Byzantium. Then he started to live in the new capital himself.

Following the collapse of Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire took over. Constantinople became capital of the long-lived Byzantine Empire. It lasted for 1000 years.


Ottomans conquered the Constantinople in 1453 A.D. They built the renowned Topkapı Palace and ruled the massive Empire for nearly 470 years from Istanbul.

Istanbul Offers Variety Of Good Food
Enjoy Turkish Cuisine

Istanbul Tour Cost, Review, Recommendation

The travel agencies of Istanbul provides good quality tours. However you are not obliged to contact to an agency to arrange your own guide. There are many free lance tour guides in the city that provides private escorted tours. You can find these independent, free lance guides through their own websites or from their Trip Advisor accounts. Majority of the good guides are registered to TripAdvisor and their rates are visible there. I personally recommend you to read carefully some of the reviews. Long and detailed reviews are more reliable for good recommandations.

One of these experienced guides, Serhat Engül, provides custom Istanbul tours. You can customize your own itinerary, according to your expectations and timing. He offers a programme considering your needs and time frame so a perfect itinerary is set. Thus your private guide assists you during your visit in Istanbul. You might need a guide for shopping and eating as well as seeing the sights.

Istanbul Guided Tours

Istanbul Private Tour Guide Cost

Cost of a private tour guide is depending on the season. The high tourism season for Istanbul starts from the 1st of April and lasts until the 1st of November. During the Spring, Summer and Fall the accommodation and private tour prices are higher than winter.

In general terms, guidance fee for a full day tour costs 150 US Dollars. Tours usually start at 9:00 a.m. and lasts until 5:00 p.m.

The guidance fee is depending on the person’s experience and knowledge. Some guides might require more or less.

A licensed tour guide can not give you a free tour or a very cheap tour because there is a certain lowest price determined by the Tourism Ministry Authorities.

Lowest fee is equal to approximately 100 US Dollars. That means no official guide can provide a tour cheaper than this. That is considered illegal. This act is against the unfair competition laws.

Istanbul Culinary Experience With A Private Tour Guide
Istanbul Food Tours

Because shopping in the old city might be tough for beginners due to insistent bargaining. An Istanbul Private Tour Guide can help you discover the streets and history of the city as well as teaching you the local culture and dealing with street vendors and shop-keepers.

You can contact to Mr. Serhat Engül to arrange your private tour via contact page.

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