Sultan Suleiman Life, Family, TV Series

Sultan Suleiman Family

Sultan Suleiman The Magnificent Life, Family, TV Series

Sultan Suleiman Khan was born in Trebizond (Turkish: Trabzon) in 1494. He was the only son of Selim I. Sultan Selim is also known as Selim The Resolute in Turkish history due to his strong personality and successful commandership. Selim inherited the throne of Ottoman Empire at the age of 42 and doubled the boundaries of Ottoman Empire only in 8 years.

He was a fierce warrior and accomplished commander. He conquered vast lands in the Mesopotamia, Arabic Peninsula and Egypt. He seized the Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem, Alexandria and Cairo. These cities were the most civilized cities of Medieval ages, during the period of the Rise and Spread Of Islam.

Imperial Council Of Topkapı Palace
Ottoman Empire Palace
Imperial Council

Suleiman Becomes The Sultan Of Ottoman Empire

Şehzade Suleiman (Pronounced as Shahzade which means Prince) was elevated to the throne following the sudden death of Selim I (At the age of 50) caused by Anthrax. He was married to Mahidevran Sultan and had a son, named Şehzade Mustafa.

Young Sultan moved to Topkapı Palace, the royal residence of Ottoman Sultans located in Sultanahmet neighborhood of Istanbul.

Suleiman The Magnificent At Battlefield With Ibrahim Pasha
Sultan Suleiman The Magnificent Life, Family, TV Series
Suleiman The Magnificent

Sultan Suleiman And His Wife Roxelana or Hürrem

The Harem of Topkapı Palace was the house of Ottoman royalty. Mahidevran and Suleiman settled to the palace with the infant Mustafa. However there were a lot of other ladies in the Ottoman royal palace. Young and beautiful girls picked from all over the territories of Ottoman Empire that was covering a considerable section of known world in 16th century.

Sultan eventually fell in love with a lady named Roxelana, and married her. The name of Roxelana changed into Hürrem Sultan. She gave a birth to 4 sons and 1 daughter throughout the 25 years of relationship.

Sultan Suleiman And Hurrem Sultan
Sultan Suleiman And Hurrem Sultan

Sultan Suleimans Children

Apart from the first son, Mustafa, Sultan Suleiman had 4 other sons named: Şehzade Mehmed, Şehzade Selim, Şehzade Bayezid, Şehzade Changir. Yet he had only one daughter: Mihrimah Sultan.

Unfortunate events occured during the late years of Sultan Suleiman’s reign. Execution of Şehzade Mustafa (A black day for Ottoman history) was the result of plots against Şehzade Mustafa. They made Sultan believe his crowned prince betrayed him.

The death of Cihangir from the pain he had been through after his brother Mustafa’s death. The deadly fight for the throne between the Selim and Bayezid resulting with the slaughter of Bayezid. Suleiman had to witness all these things in his lifetime like some kind of curse.

Selim as the only remaining son of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, acceded to the throne after the death of Sultan Suleiman. He was the least capable person to be the Sultan, according to many Turkish people who lived then and now.

Muhteşem Yüzyıl TV Series
Muhteşem Yüzyıl TV Series

Sultan Suleiman The Magnificent TV Series

There have been a local TV show related to the life of Sultan Suleiman. The series had been on the Turkish TV channels for about 3 years and became exceedingly successful. The production was exported to various foreign countries including all the former sub-countries of Ottoman Empire. Meaning all around the Eastern Europe, Middle East and Northern Africa. Nowadays it’s being displayed on Brazilian and other Latin American channels as well.

The show is named Magnificent Century Tv series. Commonly known as Sultan Suleiman TV Series Show. A very long term soap opera or drama that lasted for 139 episodes.

Suleymaniye Mosque Of Suleiman
Suleymaniye Mosque

Sultan Suleiman’s Legacy And Tomb

Suleiman the Magnificent built Süleymaniye Mosque in the center of Istanbul, as his eternal resting place. As traditionally Sultans are buried in the tombs near to their mosque, he and his dear wife Hurrem Sultan lies in the courtyard of Suleymaniye Mosque.

Sultan Suleiman inherited a massive Empire from his father, he went even farther, and enlarged the borders of Ottoman Empire exceedingly. Ottoman Empire reached to its peak point with the rule of Suleiman. Ottoman Empire Map was covering boundless lands on the earth by the death of Suleiman in 1566 at the age of 70. After 46 years of Sultanate, he left the throne to his son Selim I.

Ottoman Heritage Imperial Mosques Of Istanbul
Mosques Of Istanbul

Ottoman Heritage In Istanbul

Ottoman Empire left a vast heritage in Istanbul city including palaces, mosques, pavillions, monumental fountains and castles. It is definitely recommended to hire a private tour guide during your visit to Istanbul for having a culturally satisfying journey. The author of this blog, Serhat Engul, organize Istanbul Guided Private Tours that provides tailor made itineraries that could fit to your expectations. You may give it a try to experience a nice adventure in Istanbul old city.

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