Things To Do In Rome In Three Days 2018

Things To Do In Rome

I visited the magnificent city of Rome in 2007. I was on an interrail trip. Rome represents the antique ages, medieval time and Renaissance at the same city. This feature of Rome makes it very special city on earth. We can admit that Rome is one of the best city in Europe.

My hometown, Istanbul, has many things in common with Rome. For instance Both cities had been the capital of Roman Empire. I was born and raised in Istanbul so I can not say neutral about the issue but the foreign visitors of Istanbul also talk about the resemblance between two cities.

The Bosphorus that cut the city of Istanbul into two pieces makes the Istanbul unique. In the other hand, Rome has an antique city, similar to the one in Turkey, Ephesus. I would not even imagine the Ephesus were located within Istanbul city. That would add a great value to the charm of Istanbul. I must admit that Italians had been protecting the heritage of Roman Empire very well.

Roman Forum © Serhat Engul

Roman Forum Antique City

The antique forum of Rome, has some pagan temples that are converted into Churches, basilicas, triumphal arches, Roman baths and Palatino Hill. Besides Turkey has Pergamon, Ephesus, Miletus, Troy and as a Turkish person who experienced too much from Greco-Roman culture, can take in the Rome’s diverse culture better.

Temple Of Vesta

Inside the antique forum, there is vesta virgins’ monastery. The monastery complex is containing 50 little rooms that is dating back to pre-christian era. Altough the monastery is battered in time, one can still recognize the existane of the rooms and observe the statues in the couryard. Mark Anthony who entrusted his will to this temple. Ocvation the emperor-to-be seized his will illegally and revealed it to the public. Adopted son of Caesar, Octavian, pushed the Marc Anthony with this move and captured the throne. Established the Roman Empire, over the ruins of Republic.

Colosseum © Serhat Engul

Colosseum The Arena

You may also see the Traianus Markets on the way to Colosseum. The nice walk ends by the presence of Colosseum which is built in 72 B.C. Gladiator and lion fights took place in this glorious but wild place. It has the capacity of 50.000 people to watch the games.

Next to Collosseum there stands the arch of Constantine. The Roman Emperor who constructed the Constantinople over the Greek city Byantium. I pay my respect to his memory that I think I owe due to my life spent in his Istanbul city.

Trevi Fountain © Serhat Engul

Trevi Fountain And Square

Trevi fountain is a nice piece of art represents the Roman sculpture. It’s common to throw some coins to wish to come back to Rome again one day. Of course I did the same as the other people. The fountain is built in 1762. Statue of Nettuno (Poseidon) also places to the center of it. It’s lively all they long around this pretty fountain. A bustling area no matter day an night.

Phanteon © Serhat Engul

Phanteon Temple And Church

My next stop, the Phanteon, temple of all gods, located very near to the Trevi Fountain. Phanteon is built in ancient ages, 27 B.C. as a pagan temple. It is converted into a church later on. Raphael the famous painter of the Renaissance era also buried in the Phanteon temple. You may see his sarcophagus in the complex. The dome is 44 metres from the ground and the whole building is lighted from a very little hole. Amazing wisdom of ancient times!

Santa Maria Maggiore Church

A visit to Santa Maria Maggiore church was blessing and good experience. Built in 420 B.C. The church is exactly 1600 years old. Even older than Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia. Mosaics and frescoes of Maggiore were incredible.

Generally speaking, there are only two churches in Istanbul that can compete with the ones in Rome, related the quality of the mosaic artistry. 14th century Mosaics in the Chora Church and 9th to 13th century Mosaics of Hagia Sophia church can be a rival to these brilliant places.

Spanish Steps

The Spanish steps were built in 1726. The steps are used by the people who became exhausted by the overwhelming cultural heritage and sites of Rome. It is nice to take some photos but not a big deal comparing with the other attractions in Rome.

Navona Square © Serhat Engul

Piazza Navona Square

Piazza Navona is such a nice square to hang out, I fell in love with this place. It’s giving great opportunities to take nice photographs as well. Especially the three fountains are like visual feast.

Roma is competing with Florance about the Renaissance artistry and smartness. However the Florance stand out with Renaissance art, while Rome featuring with antique and medieval ages as well as Renaissance period.


Vatican had always been the spiritual center of Christians all over the world. Besides Vatikan is known as the smallest country over the world. This little country is governed by Pope himself. The leader of Catholic Church, Pope lives in the heart of this miniature country.

Museums, shops, restaurants, chapels, and massive Saint Peter’s Cathedral encircles the Vatican. The city that once directed large empires and ask for them to join Crusades on the way to holy lands, Jerusalem and around. Still powerful after all those years.

St. Peters Cathedral © Serhat Engul

Saint Peter’s Basilica or St. Pietro Of Rome

This massive church is a must-see in the Rome. Dating back to 2nd Century A.D. consructed in honour of Saint Peter the apostle of Jesus Christ. It’s built over the grave of the St. Peter himself reportedly.

It had been a sacred vault for long years, only until the Emperor Constantine ordered it to be converted into a Church.

Circus Maximus

The Circus Maximus was the entertainment center of Rome just like the Hippodrome of Constantinople which is built by the Emperor Constantine. The Constantine The Great built the Hippodrome of Constantinople (Istanbul) by taking the Circus Maximus of Rome as a model building. This is another resemblance between the Istanbul and Rome.

Impressions Of Rome Travel

The experience that I had been through in Rome, inspired me to write a journal. I created a blog website in Turkish and created blog posts about the beauties of Rome. I wanted to share my experiences with local people and encourage them to travel to this beautiful city. This is such a nice place to visit and I am longing for going back, this time with my wife.

Photos taken by the author. Copy rights reserved.

City Of Rome Travel Photography

Serhat Engul

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  1. Wonderful post! I just spent 4 days in Rome and I loved it! We have visited all of the same places and I really thing everybody should spend at least a few days in Rome as it has so much to discover! I got deeply in love with the ruins, the monuments and the history. Turkey is also in my list, and as I am now living in Bulgaria, it’s very close by! Cheers 😉

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