Private Tour Guide For Hagia Sophia Visit

Private Tour Guide For Hagia Sophia Visit

Hagia Sophia is located in the center of Istanbul Old City. Most popular and most visited museum in Istanbul and Turkey. Hagia Sophia’s popularity is not new at all, it has been the spiritual center of the Istanbul since 537 A.D.

Interior Of Hagia Sophia Museum

Interior Of Hagia Sophia

Architects of Hagia Sophia

The Byzantine Emperor Justinian I, commissioned Anthemius of Tralles and Isidore of Miletus to build the eye-catching structure with astonishing features. Emperor Justinian was so eager to see his great temple to be completed, therefore he enforced the architects to finish the building quickly. 10.000 laborer and 1000 skilled workman took place in the construction process and they finished the building in nearly 5 years. Considering the scale of the building, and resources of 6th century, this was incredibly fast construction.

Features of Hagia Sophia Architecture

Hagia Sophia architecture

Architectural Innovations of Hagia Sophia

The architects of Hagia Sophia were the most brilliant minds of Byzantine Empire which was ruling over three continents. (Asia, Europe, Africa) Anthemius was a professor of geometry and Isidore was a luminous architect. Their cooperation for building Hagia Sophia, ended up with a great success. Their challenge was not only to create the biggest building of the world but the largest dome of the world. Roman architects had been trying  to put a round dome on the top of square building but each time they failed.

These two architects from the Greek-speaking eastern half of the Roman Empire (known as Byzantine Empire or Byzantium) managed to build the widest and highest dome building of the world. Their innovations and accomplishments could not be repeated or surpassed until the creation of St. Peter’s Basilica in 17th century.

Hagia Sophia Square and Visitors

Hagia Sophia square

Where Is Hagia Sophia Museum Located?

Hagia Sophia is located at the south-west Istanbul. Once known as Constantinople (Emperor Constantine’s city) the historic peninsula of Istanbul is still surrounded with the Roman walls. Comparing the scale of the modern day Istanbul, the Istanbul Old City is a  very small portion.

Sultanahmet area is considered as the heart of old Istanbul. Sultanahmet is located at the the easternmost of Istanbul’s historic peninsula and this area had been a home to three great empires in the history. From the foundation year (330 A.D.) and onwards, this very place (Sultanahmet area) had been the center of royal palaces and grandest temples.

Firstly emperor Constantine the Great built a palace to here and proclaimed the city as the new capital of Roman Empire. Later on Byzantine (Eastern Roman) Emperors lived in the great palace of Constantinople for many years. Finally after arrival of Turks (Ottoman Empire) the area became again the core of a great empire.

About the history of Constantinople and Hagia Sophia, you may also check the Hagia Sophia Mosaics and Facts article. There is more information in that blog post with beautiful photos.

Byzantine mosaics Of Hagia Sophia

Mosaics of Hagia Sophia

Mosaics of Hagia Sophia

Mosaics of Hagia Sophia of course world famous. Since the Constantinople (Istanbul) was the heart of Byzantine Empire, the best examples of this unique art can be seen in Istanbul. Hagia Sophia mosaics and Chora Church, considered as the best Byzantine mosaics of the world.

Private Tour Guide For Hagia Sophia

I gave this brief information to show the readers about the sophisticated history of Hagia Sophia. It is difficult to realize the innovations of Hagia Sophia by yourself. I strongly recommend you to hire a private guide during your Hagia Sophia visit. It is not only help you to comprehend the features of Hagia Sophia but also saves you from waiting in the long lines during the hight tourist season in Istanbul.

Mosaic of Justinian and Constantine in Hagia Sophia

Byzantine mosaics

Fast Track Advantage for Guided Tours

Because only the guided groups have the privilege of fast track during their Hagia Sophia visit. Official tour guides can get your ticket immediately from ticket office due to their priority and take you inside the museum quickly. Therefore I recommend you to book a Hagia Sophia tour guide in advance.

Hagia Sophia Private Tours By Local Guides

Istanbul Guided Tours

More Reading About Hagia Sophia

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