Sultan Suleiman The Magnificent Of Ottoman Empire

Sultan Suleiman The Magnificent Of Ottoman Empire

Sultan Suleyman ruled the Ottoman Empire for 46 years, from 1520 to 1566. He is granted a long life and at the same time he became the ruler at the age of 25.

He was the 10th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire and luckier than most of the previous Sultans since he was the only heir of his predecessor Sultan Selim I. Therefore he was not perished by the power struggle to capture the priceless throne of the extremely rich Ottoman Empire.

The young Ruler immediately displayed himself to be a King of many talents and many titles. His official title is Sultan Suleiman I of Ottomans but he is better known as Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent in the Western world and as Kanuni Sultan Süleyman in Turkey and Middle East.

Sultan Suleiman The Magnificent of Ottoman Empire
Muhtesem Yuzyil (Sultan Suleiman) TV Series


Greatest Borders of Ottoman Empire

Suleiman created major legislative changes related to society, education, taxation, criminal law. His ground-breaking Codex-Suleiman synthesized Turkish local traditions with Islamic law. His concept of “Justice” fixed the form of the Turkish Empire for centuries after his death as a milestone of the Ottoman Law. That is how he got the hobourable title of Kanuni “Lawgiver” in 600 years of Ottoman History.

His skill as military man tripled the size of his Ottoman Empire. Suleiman personally leaed his legions in conquering the Christian strongholds of Belgrade, Hungary and even Rhodes. He went as far as the gates of Austria in 1529. Turkish fleet patroled Mediterranean Sea and major trade routes under his rule. He used to have brilliant military strategist Abraham Pasha as his Grand Vizier (Like A Prime Minister) and Hayreddin Barbarossa (Red Beard) as admiral of his dreadful fleet.

16th Century is known as Age Of Great Kings

The 16th century is also described as Age of Great Kings. The Tudors: Henry VIII, then Elisabeth I in the England, Ivan the Terrible in the Russia, Francis I in the France, Holy Roman Emperor Charles V were all rulers of the world by the time of Suleiman the Magnificent.

At home, he was a talented poet and skillful goldsmith. He was also a generous patron of arts, textile, woodwork, architecture, calligraphy, painting, tiles. His reign was always mentioned as the golden age of Ottoman Empire.

Genious and productive Ottoman Architect, Mimar Sinan, served to him for long years. Sinan built his great mosque: Süleymaniye as a eternal resting place for Suleiman The Magnificent and his beloved wife Roxelana. Their tombs are located within the courtyard of Suleymaniye Mosque which is located right at the heart of the old  Istanbul.

Suleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul

Rise of Roxelana

Ottoman Sultans never ever married except one or two. Suleiman The Magnificent broke the imperial traditions and rules and married to his concubine Roxelana. She had an Russian origin. Suleiman fell in love with this eye-chatching lady and married her. In nearly 25 years of marriage Sultan Suleiman is believed to had been monogamous.

She was one of strongest women in Ottoman Empire’s history. She gained too much power and influence and involved in the politics of the Ottoman Empire through Suleiman and played an active role in state affairs of the Ottoman Empire. Her rule was the beginning of the Sultanate of Women. A time when the Ottoman ladies became so powerful. They ruled the Empire in the name of their husbands or sons.

Topkapı Sarayı Harem Dairesi
Topkapi Palace Harem Rooms

Magnificent Century TV Series

Their renowned love story was the subject of TV series in Turkish TV channels. Magnificent Century TV series had been on screen for the last several years and millions of people watched Suleiman’s love story with Roxelana. The show became very succesful in entire Asia and Eastern Europe.

Suleiman The Magnificent And Hurrem Sultan

Sultan Süleyman Ve Hürrem Sultan
Sultan Suleiman & Roxelana

Sultan Suleiman’s Heritage

At the time of Suleiman’s death, the Ottoman Empire was the world’s most powerful state. Sultan Suleiman’s gathering had brought under the control of the Empire the majority of Middle Eastern Muslim cities, many Balkan provinces, almost entire North Africa. His expansion to the central Europe had given the Ottoman Turks very powerful presence in the European balance of power. He failed only at the gates of Vienna. His army had to retreat at the Siege of Vienna due to some mistakes of his Grand Vizier.

Sultan Suleiman The Magnificent of Ottoman Empire Article

Suleiman The Magnificent

By Serhat Engul

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