Visit Ephesus Ancient City In Turkey

Visit Ephesus Ancient City In Turkey

Ephesus is considered as the most valuable historic sight in Turkey alongside with the Hagia Sophia. Anatolia (Asia Minor) has always been popular settlement area from the early ages. Therefore, there are a lot of ancient cities in Turkey like Ephesus. Among all of Greek and Roman ruins, Ephesus stands forward with its beauty and history.

Library of Celsus and Temple of Artemis are the most important sights located within the Ephesus ancient city of Turkey.

Ephesus antique city is also considered as the world heritage site, recognized by the UNESCO.

History Of Ephesus Ancient City

Known history of Ephesus antique city dates back to the 6000 B.C. It was once a very important political and trade center. It was established by Greek settlers and flourished in the Roman time. It became the most important city of Roman Empire in the Asia during the 1st and 2nd Centuries.

By the time the Roman Empire were going through its Golden Years under the rule of Nerva-Antonine Dynasty, Ephesus reached to its peak. Emperors like Trajan, Hadrian paid a close attention to the city, restored the pier and adorned the city with beautiful Roman buildings. In return, the Roman governor of Ephesus built a temple in the name of Hadrian to honour him.

Hellenic and Roman cultures were blended over the territories of Westen Anatolia. Ephesus ancient city represents this unique culture perfectly.

Ephesus Antique City
Ephesus Ancient City

Temple Of Artemis In The Past

Ephesus Artemis Temple is dedicated to goddess Artemis. Altough it’s nothing more than ruins, its flawless beauty can be observed even today. Temple Of Artemis is considered as one of the original Seven Wonder Of The World.

Temple Of Artemis In The Past

Celsus Library Of Ephesus Ancient City

Celsus Library is a building from the Roman period. It was built in the name of Senator Tiberius Julius of Roman Empire. This magnificent building is a perfect spot to take best photos of Ephesus ancient city.

Library of Celsus ın ephesus
Celsus Library Of Ephesus Ancient City
Hadrıan’s Temple ın ephesus
Splendid Ephesus Ruins

Private Ephesus Tours From Kusadasi Port

Numerous local tour operators organizing private tours from Kusadasi Port which is located in Izmir province. The ship dock is also known as Ephesus Port.

The owner of this humble blog page: Serhat Engul is a licensed tour guide in Turkey. So you can also contact him to arrange your daily Ephesus visit or taking travel advices.

Tour Guide And Travel Agency Recommendation For Ephesus Tours

You can scroll down to see the contact information of recommended tour guide and travel agency for Ephesus private tours. Best local guides provided by Turkland.

Ephesus Private Tours By Local Guides

It is definitely recommended to hire an official guide to experience Ephesus at its best.

Ephesus Tours By Locals

Ephesus Shore Excursions

Large groups arrive to Ephesus everyday from Kusadasi Port of Izmir.

Ephesus Shore Excursions

Day Trips To Ephesus From Istanbul

People usually visit Ephesus during the Cruise journey. Kusadasi Port, where cruise ships stops, is very near to Ephesus.

On the other hand, visitors of Istanbul might think about visiting Ephesus too. It takes only 1 hour to reach Izmir province from Istanbul by plane. Cheap charter flights are always available and Ephesus ancient city is short distance to drive from Izmir airport.

ephesus photography
Private Ephesus Tours

Location Of Ephesus On Turkey Map

Location Of Ephesus On Turkey Map

Pamukkale Day Trips From Ephesus

If you have more than one day in Turkey, you might want to see another attraction. Pamukkale, meaning cotton castle in Turkish, famous for its beautiful snowy white fields made out of Calcium Travertines.

Hierapolis Ancient City is definitely one of the highlights in Turkey. It has a marvelous theatre maintained very well. So it is worth to pay a daily visit to Pamukkale region from Ephesus.

Pamukkale Travertines
Pamukkale Travertines
Ancient Theatre of Hierapolis City
Ancient theatre of Hierapolis city.

Recommended Tour Guide For Ephesus Tours

You may contact to official tour guide Serhat Engul through his e-mail adress. Serhat offers informative and entertaining personal tours of Ephesus ancient city.

By Serhat Engul

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