Hagia Sophia Ticket Price Or Cost For Entrance

Hagia Sophia Entrance Fee & Admission Cost & Ticket Price 2018

Hagia Sophia is the gem of Istanbul, Turkey. Approximately 3 million people visit this ancient building in a year. If you want to check the ticket prices of Hagia Sophia, you may find the latest updates in this blog post.

Byzantine Mosaics Of Hagia Sophia
Byzantine Mosaics Of Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia Ticket Price For 2018

Hagia Sophia ticket price is 40 Turkish Lira which is equal to 11 Us Dollars or 10 Euros. This is the latest updated price for 2017 high tourism season.

Istanbul Museum Pass Or Museum Card

You can consider Istanbul Museum Pass to visit multiple museums. If you would visit the Hagia Sophia (40 TL), Topkapi Palace (40 TL) & Harem Rooms (25 TL) and Istanbul Archaeological Museum (Located in Topkapi Palace 20 TL)  Then it is worth to buy the Museum Pass.

Museum Pass costs 85 Turkish Lira. You can purchase the card from Topkapi Palace or Hagia Sophia ticket offices.

How To Use Fast Track Advantage

Museum pass provides also fast track advantage. Make sure that you do not get to the regular ticket line. You are supposed to use the right corridor which is used by guided tours.

Just show your museum pass card to the museum security attendants and use the fast track entry which is located on the right. That corridor is usually blocked by a red strip and somebody checking these cards.

Istanbul Museum Pass Card
Istanbul Museum Pass Card

Hagia Sophia Private Tours By Official Tour Guide

The author of this blog, Serhat Engul, specialized on the history of the Roman and Byzantine Empires. If you consider a guided private tour for your Hagia Sophia visit, you may contact to the local guide Serhat by his e-mail.

Hagia Sophia Tours By A Local Tour Guide

Hagia Sophia Tours By A Local Tour Guide

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Article Related to Mosaics of Hagia Sophia

Mosaics of Hagia Sophia dates back from 9th Century to 14th Century. The oldest mosaic is located in the center of the church, Mother Mary and baby Jesus mosaic. The second oldest mosaic is placed over the imperial gate. Mosaic of the Byzantine Emperor Leon VI.

Mosaic of Emperor Leon VI

Emperor Leon VI mosaic

The most valuable and famous mosaic is located on the upper gallery. You may see the Deesis Mosaic of Jesus Christ, John the Baptist and Virgin Mary; on the Northern Gallery of Hagia Sophia’s second floor. This mosaic dates back to late Byzantine period, 13th Century, and it is considered as the best example of Byzantine mosaic art.

Deesis Mosaic of Hagia Sophia

Deesis Mosaic

There are also two Imperial mosaics on the northern gallery, portraying the donations of Emperor John II Comnenus and Constantine IX Monomachus. John Comnenus is pictured with his wife Eirene and his son Alexios whereas Constantine Monomachus pictured with Empress Zoe.

By Serhat Engul

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